jordan (faggosaurus) wrote in alternatrans,

summer plans?

x-posted to queer_punks

hey to whoever still reads this!

What are yalls summer plans? Got any yet?

I'm planning to travel, and do a lot of gardening, and I dunno what else. Maybe start doing a piercing internship.

Anyone going to the Bash Back! convergence in Denver, CO?? I am possibly / probably going.

What about the US Social Forum in Detroit in June? Anyone going? i think the website is ?

Camp Trans in August? Who's goin?

Mutant Fest?

Oh and random unrelated distro question.... I'm setting up a distro, my first one evereverever.. for zines and DIY handmade stuff.. any ppl with distros of their own got any tips for me? Things to do or not do? etc?
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