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O Hell! I don't wanna be a Tr*nny no more!

O Hell! I don't wanna be a Tr*nny no more!'

Excerpt from an essay I'm submitting to Gender Workbook II

just posting it here to test it.

you know I l*ve you, baby.

Trans academics have influenced the Will of the Population with the Ultimate Goal of Breeding a Legion of Angry Mutant Warriors.

Gender studies majors and Tr*ctivists had it planned this way in advance when they invented the modern western Tr*nsexual. The intricately organised but leaderless cells of the Gender Studies Militia (GSM.) willfully designed and implemented their attack on society through front line Free clinics to disseminate cheap 'mones, support groups for recruiting and spreading dissent through planting word of mouth opinion, and are gaining on controlling the medias portrayal and discussion of us by Flooding the internet with hurt angry blogs and really ugly message board brawls over words and terminology. Blogs and messageboards are dorky but opinion from there is then disseminated by dorks in to societal opinion as they interact with non-dorks IRL. Support groups work just like most street gangs and recruit kids to their side by getting them when they are young and in a depressed-alienated state and in need of friends and belonging. That is were the GSM talk a bunch of romantic revolutionary poetry at them and claim a long fierce history of Sylvia River's Star House gang and well known photos of bar girls getting stuffed in a patty wagon in the 40s.
GSM Initiation is to pledge yourself to Tr*nsexual therapy. Thus the initiation is drastic physical mutilation that is ongoing, cumulative, and permanent. IS THE GENDER STUDIES MILITIA CREATING AN ARMY OF MUTANTS WHO MUTILATE THEMSELVES AND WIND UP FURTHER ALIENATED AND MORE DEPENDANT UPON THE SUPPORT AND NURTURE OF THE VERY PEOPLE WHO TALKED THEM IN TO MANGLING THEMSELVES ??!??! This model for breeding cells of a mutant revolution is so simple and self replicating that the mones/support/media (drop in center/socializing/google-baiting) tactic is spreading exponentially across the country like black mold that skims government money of normal social work things.

Mones Junkie Self Surgery Addicts Pose a growing Threat to Social Order
and are about to crush it all in to chaos.

Recruiting from an ever younger spectrum of desperate alienated queers (DAQ), Its easy to see GSM's clever plot to not only encourage dependence on, and commitment to GSM. At the same time they use the DAQ's increased alienation and targeting for violence to make them receptive to GSM's angry screams of "DISCRIMINATION!!" and "OPPRESSION!!". W have built a mutant army who are designed to become angrier and meaner every year they grow older. Usually by the time a trans whatever (Tr*nX) turns 30 she or he (like wutever) is so mutated that it would cost ten times what it took to turn them in to monster to turn them back. Gender Studies Militia and the mythical Tr*nsexual Muse they pray to are as frighteningly menacing as any science fiction horror ever came up with BUT THEY ARE REAL !!!!

Lets talk about the TrnX Militia instead now cuz I don't wanna give GSM all the credit. They stared organizing the Revolutionary breeder cells but their control of TrnX is not complete. TrX militia are now to many in number and to crazy to control for long. It's as if GSM's strategy was to creat a violent charge of Berserkers. Wether GSM intend to rebuild society on top the ruins or merely do as much damage to their perceived enemy as they feel it deserves to vindicate them, we are about to see the TrnX rise up and take things they want. Some GSM cells have publicly put forward detailed drafts of the society that they wish to build. Before we get to there the streets will be filled with the fearsome rampage of 'mones junkies with self surgery addictions.
I'm only reporting this right now cuz I'm prophesying what is already fated to come down. The TrX are now a boiling pot of tens of thousands, infiltrating every class and role and position in society but all checking each other out with fleeting eye contact in the streets. They are organized and angry and these people are mean. Any tough riff raff from a big city knows that Queens are known for fighting dirty nasty. They are used to getting knocked down and having to struggle to get the smallest rewards, they are always right at the edge of falling in to the dark hole inside them, and they fight fuckin' nasty. They all are so tense that half of them carry weapons 24-7. There are over a century of stories of queens fighting their boys and each other with broken bottles and chair legs. Ever hear of the Queens in prison who pioneered DIY prison SRS with shanks made from fruit cocktail cans ?? These are the kinds of people who are angry, everywhere, connected and ready to pop. Their list of demands is simple but drastic and none of them really knows what it is but they all know were to get a copy of it.

That very hesitation due to confusion is the only thing stopping a Tr*ns Militia revolt uprising campaign of terror from tearing this nation's guts out. Right now we're waiting to see what injustice is gonna set them off. With Tr*nX member ship seemingly have doubled in the last few years we can be almost sure that if a 16 year old Tr*nX girl was killed by a friend for being a deceiver or even if another anti-tr*ns book got published, those involved would be met by a furious vigilante mob, brutally trying to make up for all the bashers and haters they didn't have a chance to beat on. Some of the Tr*nX are even chomping at the bit to go burn down the houses of old enemies just cuz the will to violence is running hot right now.

Right now we are at a point were anyone who runs a good campaign to direct the Tr*nX Rage could sick half a million mutants on whatever target they chose. The explosion of violence is inevitable. The window to direct its furry is only open for so much longer.
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