yaguara666 (yaguara666) wrote in alternatrans,

Just asking for a few opinions

I am a female-sexed transman starting to transition to a more masculine look. I figured I could start with my hair. Right now it is long, red, and straight, which is great because I am a metalhead and most metalheads have nice, long hair. However, it makes me look too girly. It may be kind of stupid for me to ask this to the internet, but I am wondering what do do with my hair to make me look at least a bit more masculine than I do now? I've been considering a buzzcut, dreads, or messy curls to keep the whole metal thing going, but if anyone has any other suggestions, I am open to hearing them. My job has no dress code, and I go to a pretty relaxed university, so wild hair is not a problem.

Anyway, thank you for any advice.

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