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call for submissions - book on FTM/transmasculine People Of Color

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3 Kings are three Brown-skinned/Black – male identified trans persons
who seek to give voice and page to the array of persons of color* who
may have been born female and now live all or a significant portion of
their lives as TransMen, FtM, Boi, Daddy, Tranny, Tranny Fag, Butch, G3
(gee cued –gender gifted guy,) 'masculine/masculinized' women (butches,
studs, aggressives, ballers, playas….,) Drag Kings, male illusionists,
Transgenders, Transsexuals, gender-queers, stealth, boys like us and
the likes**.

When considering works written over the past 25 years, there are a
plethora of books addressing the `social construction of masculinity.'
About 90 books deal specifically with TransGendered identities. To my
knowledge only four of the 90, specifically offer more than an
obligatory glimpse of what is repeatedly understood as the `illusive
FtM of color.' Where are the voices, opinions, insight of all the
black, brown, red and yellow 'masculine/masculinized' women, FTMs and

We are the ones we are looking for and what our next generation needs.

We are requesting your unpublished stories, photographs, poems, essays,
drawings. At this time and for this volume, we are specifically seeking
submissions from the African Diaspora who identify as and/or live all
or a significant portion of their lives as FtM, Transmen, TransGender,
Fag, Boi, Tranny, Tranny Fag G3 (gee cubed –gender gifted guy,)
Transsexuals, Stealth, boys like us, Trans-identified Butches and the

21st Century Kings: An Introduction to A New Brown-skinned Masculinity

All submissions, commentary and visual works will be fully considered.
Each submission will receive a receipt of delivery via email. We are
also seeking/accepting photos, sketches, drawings, digital imagery,
cartoons and did we say poetry?!

Word Count/Page Limits:

- Personal Narratives: Up to 15 pages/5000 words Double Spaced

- Fiction: Up to 15 pages/3750 words – Double Spaced

- Critical Essays and Cultural Critiques: Up to 15 pages (including bibliography) 3750 words – Double Spaced

- Poetry/Rhymes: No more than 3 pages per poem/rhyme and 3 poems per poet/mc – Double Spaced

- Graphic Stories: No more than three pages per submission (number of panels up to you). Up to three pieces/stories per artist.

- Photographs/Paintings/Collage/Drawings: 3-5, scanned as B/W only. (No Originals, we are not returning ANYTHING).

New writers welcome!

DEADLINE: open until Midnight, September 1st 2009.

Please copy and paste your text into your email. Please send images in
jpeg format or paste into document. Mail to:

Here is our CURRENT FOCUS of WORKS being requested:

1. As Men: African American TransMen on their life, experience, and journey to 'man'.

• Tell us your story. We want anything you want to share about your transition

2. Third Sex/Recognize Me For Me: Passing African American butches and
non-transitioned/No Ho transgender folks on their life, experience and
journey to be a true expression of themselves.

• Here we imagine receiving work from African American Male/Masculine identified folks who are not currently on hormones.

3. In Spirit We Trust (?): TransMen and Spirituality

Here are some ideas that may help spur your writing…

Self/personal journey: Who supports you? Are you coupled? How do you
see yourself? What kind of challenges / issues do you have to deal with
being you? Do you see yourself as gay, straight, bi or…? Are you okay
with being referred to as a Tranny? Trans? Transexual? Are you stealth?
Who are your friends? Are you a parent? Co-parent? Adoptive parent?
Foster parent? Guardian? A Primary Provider for someone younger than 18?

On the job: Did you transition at work? What was that experience like? Did you keep your job? Do you feel safe?

Your Spiritual Life: Is spirituality important to you? Has your
relationship to spirituality, religion or your spiritual or religious
community change after you began taking T?

Have you transitioned? How so, in what ways? Are there differences in life as a woman of color to life as you live it now?

What about relationships with your family, children, "males" in your
life, friends, intimate ones, girlfriends, tricks, neighbors and random
human contact?

Health / wellness: Do you have safe places to go?



We are currently in negotiation with a publisher and will have one listed shortly.

Copy Rights: We will retain copy rights until publication. You have full rights after publication.

*We are aware this term may be offensive to some…if it offends you we apologize.

**There are as many terms as there are communities. Please contact us
if you feel you fit in this group even if you don't identify with the
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