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Trans and Genderqueer Adolescence Zine [20 Nov 2011|06:32pm]

((this isn’t my zine, i just wanted to pass it along for anyone who may be interested cuz it sounds rad.))
from We Make Zines http://wemakezines.ning.com/group/queerzinesandqueerzinesters/forum/topics/call-for-submissions-trans-and-genderqueer-adolescence-stories?

Topic: Essays, anecdotes, comix, poetry from Trans and Genderqueer folks telling stories of going through puberty and adolescence. Take that as broadly or specifically as you’d like; literally how your body was changing and how your brain was dealing with it, or going to a dance and how that made you feel, to coming out to your family, teachers, classmates, etc…

Audience: 7-12 grade students.

Specifics: The pieces should be free of cursing and super overt sexual content. Keep in mind that 7th graders are about 13 years old.

Why/Purpose: I taught a piece from the zine, The Next Body, in my 7/8th grade zine writing class, in it the writer is discussing his decision to have top surgery. After class a student approached me asking for an extra copy of the piece to give to her friend who has recently come out as Trans. “She is getting super big breasts and having a hard time dealing with it” my student told me. I gave her an extra copy of the piece and went home to dig through my books and zines to find more I could offer. It’s rough trying to find age appropriate material for a Trans kid. It’s imperative that young people who are Trans and Genderqueer see themselves in print, ideally in the curriculum but at the minimum in readings a queer, liberal, concerned, shit starting teacher passes on to them. I know, I know… all GLBT kids should see themselves in print but it’s extra hard to find Trans material, that’s why I want to start with the T as opposed to GLB.

Puberty and adolescence are hard for everyone but it’s extra alienating and difficult when you feel alone and radically different from everyone else. I want this zine to be an offering to Trans and Genderqueer kids who need to see themselves in print, to know that they are not alone. I want it to offer comfort and hope to some young people who may be struggling. I want it to open the eyes and hearts of non-trans kids so they become allies. I also want it to open up dialogue between students, parents and teachers. It’s my job to teach students reading and writing but the bigger more satisfying and important part of my job is to offer support, care, and guidance to ALL kids in their emotional and personal development. Unfortunately, as a society, we’re forgetting some kids, we’re looking the other way when Trans kids need us to look right at them and say “You are okay, you are in fact, amazing - just the way you are. And you’re not alone either.” I’d like this zine to be a move towards that.

I keep this quote in mind when I’m writing curriculum and deciding what to teach for the year. Perhaps it will inspire you.

“When those who have the power to name and to socially construct reality choose not to see or hear you, whether you are dark-skinned, old, disabled, female, or speak with a different accent or dialect than theirs, when someone with the authority of a teacher, say, describes a world and you are not in it, there is a moment of psychic disequilibrium, as if you looked into a mirror and saw nothing.”
–Adrianne Rich

Send submissions to: Brilliantmistake01@gmail.com
Please send as an attachment in basic word formatting with “Zine Submission” as the subject.
Include; a title for your piece, how you’d like to be credited - the name you’d like to use, and any contact info you want included in the zine. If you’d like a copy of the finished product send me your mailing address.

Deadline: March 1, 2012.

Publication: April, 2012

You can e-mail me with questions, suggestions, complains, that kinda stuff too.
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GenderQueerChat Auditions!!! [06 Oct 2010|07:37pm]

Hey Everyone-
The GenderQueerChat collab channel on youtube is looking for a person to make Friday videos!
Check out the call for auditions & let us know how awesome you are:

For everyone else, here's some of the fun stuff we do on GenderQueerChat (talent show!) and I encourage you all to subscribe:


x-posted a bit =:-)
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summer plans? [18 Apr 2010|11:50pm]

x-posted to queer_punks

hey to whoever still reads this!

What are yalls summer plans? Got any yet?

I'm planning to travel, and do a lot of gardening, and I dunno what else. Maybe start doing a piercing internship.

Anyone going to the Bash Back! convergence in Denver, CO?? http://bashbacknews.wordpress.com/ I am possibly / probably going.

What about the US Social Forum in Detroit in June? Anyone going? i think the website is www.ussf.org ?

Camp Trans in August? Who's goin?

Mutant Fest?

Oh and random unrelated distro question.... I'm setting up a distro, my first one evereverever.. for zines and DIY handmade stuff.. any ppl with distros of their own got any tips for me? Things to do or not do? etc?
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Back Roads Zine - needs submissions [07 Jan 2010|04:21am]

x-posted to alternatrans, queer_punks

i neglected to post about this when i first found out about it. emailed the person who's behind it and they said the submissions deadline has been pushed back to February i think. something like that.

If you are a transsexual, transgender, or gender variant person who has physically transitioned outside of the traditional route, WE WANT YOUR STORY!
For people who wish to physically transition - to change their body in ways related to their gender - there is an established route - a highway if you will - that we are expected to follow. The highway first passes through a place called "therapy" where you are supposed to talk to a shrink and get a diagnosis of "Gender Identity Disorder". Then, the next stop is a doctor (maybe an endocrinologist) where you can get a prescription for hormones and tests to follow up on your hormone levels. Next, you are supposed to drive endlessly through a land called "real life test" before you are able to reach a surgeon who can make certain changes to your body. If you make it out the other side of surgery, you are finally able to access rights such as a legal gender change, access to single-gender spaces, etc.

Of course, this highway is filled with roadblocks, checkpoints, and toll booths that serve to prevent people from proceeding along it. Many folk who wish to reach the end are stopped in their tracks, and cannot proceed further. This could be because they are short on funds, because they work in the sex industry, because they have a medical or psychiatric diagnosis that prevents them from accessing hormones, or because they simply are unwilling to pass through some of the stops on
the way to get where they're going. Thus, many of us end up taking detours and back roads in order to get where we're going. We forge letters from doctors or psychiatrists; we access hormones via the internet or the street; we find non-medical ways to alter our body.

My goal in this zine is to provide people with a map of these back roads. While it is fairly easy to find quality information on what we can expect while travelling along the main highway, there is a distinct lack of information about the more minor routes. It's not clear which routes are safe, or even which routes will actually get us where we're going. That's where you come in. If you've traveled one of these minor routes, and gotten where you're going, tell us about it so that more
can follow behind you. If you've tried to venture off the highway and gotten
stuck in a ditch, tell us about it so that others will not follow in your path. If you've deviated at all from the main highway, others will want to know how that went.

Send your submissions to back.roads.zine@gmail.com. We will make every effort to make sure that your contribution remains anonymous, and will publish your submission without your name or any other identifying information, unless you wish to be identified. Please send submissions before November 1, 2009, although late submissions may be accepted.
Email back.roads.zine@gmail.com if you have any questions about this project.
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Fox News Show Red Eye Bashes Pre-Op MTF Boxer [04 Aug 2009|04:58pm]

The Fox News show Red Eye hosted by Greg Gutfeld continues to air transphobic remarks at the expense of various transgender people in the public spotlight, now focusing his attention on a boxer transitioning from male to female. We first called Mr Gutfeld out for his outrageous transphobic and horrific remarks about the "Pregnant Man" FTM, Thomas Beatie. He also spewed out offensive remarks against openly gay congressman Barney Frank.

Read the whole story here and watch the segment below.

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O Hell! I don't wanna be a Tr*nny no more! [13 Jul 2009|04:27pm]

O Hell! I don't wanna be a Tr*nny no more!'

Excerpt from an essay I'm submitting to Gender Workbook II

just posting it here to test it.

you know I l*ve you, baby.

Trans academics have influenced the Will of the Population with the Ultimate Goal of Breeding a Legion of Angry Mutant Warriors.Collapse )
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Just asking for a few opinions [15 Jun 2009|11:23pm]

I am a female-sexed transman starting to transition to a more masculine look. I figured I could start with my hair. Right now it is long, red, and straight, which is great because I am a metalhead and most metalheads have nice, long hair. However, it makes me look too girly. It may be kind of stupid for me to ask this to the internet, but I am wondering what do do with my hair to make me look at least a bit more masculine than I do now? I've been considering a buzzcut, dreads, or messy curls to keep the whole metal thing going, but if anyone has any other suggestions, I am open to hearing them. My job has no dress code, and I go to a pretty relaxed university, so wild hair is not a problem.
Anyway, here are two of my pictures:Collapse )
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Chicago Police Attack Queer and Gender Variant Folks from Bash Back! Convergence [10 Jun 2009|06:24pm]

Chicago Police attempt to reinact Stonewall by rioting against queers. On Saturday night, May 30th, a group of approximately 100 queers disembarked the red line train at the Belmont stop into Chicago's Boystown area. Intending to march around a bit, the crowd found themselves too large to fit on the sidewalk (especially in an area where bars are frequent and patrons and tables spill out the front doors). Most of the crowd moved into the street, walking around cars and allowing cars to pass in the middle.

A few blocks down, the crowd took a left turn, and the police showed up from behind. In attempting to get their cars around the crowd, they repeatedly ran into people's legs, in some cases knocking the victim onto the hood of the car, then slamming on their brakes to cause the person to fall to the ground.

During this time a few queers at the back of the crowd moved one newspaper box and one trash can (without spilling the trash) into the road in front of cop cars. A few other queers, yelling things like "no!" and "this is nonviolent!" moved the items back to the sidewalk (see sibling article, "What Happened at BashBack?" for more details on this incident).

As a few cop cars got to the front of the crowd. The first car in the line stopped and the cop jumped out and ran at the crowd, which parted down a residential side street. The cop stopped, shook his baton at the crowd, then went back to his car. The first few cars followed the crowd onto the side street. More cops parked and began running into the crowd, grabbing queers seemingly at random (although they did catch a high percentage of non-gender-conforming folks) and proceeding to beat them with batons and extendable asps. At this time, there was a scream from the middle of the crowd, and then people shouting, "he just ran her foot over!" The patient was helped out of the fray and a medic took over her evacuation.

During this time, at least 8 cops were involved in the beating of at least 10 queers in the crowd. They drug queers into the street and proceeded to hit them with batons, the queers falling to the ground in attempts to protect their heads. Reports tell of at least five successful unarrests as queers watched each other's backs. One queer, after very nearly escaping a very determined cop, was cornered against a building. The cop, waving his baton in the queer's face, kept repeating, "It's over, do you understand? It's over. Take your mask off." The queer, obviously feeling like it was not over, took advantage of a lapse of attention from the cop and took off again, successfully escaping into the crowd.

It appears that the most-targeted individuals were those who conform less to binary systems of gender. This was evidenced in the continued targeting of one of the eventual arrestees, when a cisgendered person put herself between the cop and his target and, instead of being hit, was told, "Move it!"

A summary of the injuries suffered by people in the crowd (not just the arrestees)- a broken big toe, bruised ribs (three people, one of which developed into pneumonia), bruised kidney, sprained fingers with accompanying infection, separated ligaments in the shoulder, soft tissue damage to the elbow, and uncountable bruises, cuts and scrapes.

In the end, four people were arrested, and spent the remainder of the night being harassed and tormented in the jail. At the holding facility, still in Boystown, the queers were mocked for their choices of hairstyle, questioned without being Mirandized, and threatened with rape ("you won't like it when we leave you in a cell with Tyrone. He'll sure like you though.")

Each of the arrestees, now called the Fabulous Four, is facing a misdemeanor charge of Aggravated Assault of a Police Officer with Hands/Minimal Damage. Three of them are also facing combinations of Obstructing Justice, Evading a Police Officer, Refusal to Obey an Officer, and Resisting Arrest. All of their charges can be summed up in layperson's terms as, "Refusing to Allow Self to be Arrested for No Reason." For that, we must stand behind the Fabulous Four and support them throughout their court process. It could have been any one of us that was there that night, but certain people, even in a crowd of queers, were targeted based on their appearance, and we need to unite behind them.

The first appearance (arraignment) of the Fabulous Four will be on August 7th in Chicago. More information to come about how to best support them will come in the future- at this point we are not sure who will need travel fees, or if the charges will just be dropped altogether, opening the way for a quick civil case. In the meantime, take this month of the anniversary of Stonewall to think about what liberation of queers means, and at what cost to our community it comes, and look for things you can do, either as a queer or as an ally, to support us in our quest.

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call for submissions - book on FTM/transmasculine People Of Color [08 Jun 2009|04:04pm]

x-posted various places

call for submissions - book on FTM/transmasculine People Of ColorCollapse )
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IN OTHER WORDS PRESENTS: A benefit for Gender (Free) For All! - Friday, June 26, 2009 [21 May 2009|10:46am]



IN OTHER WORDS PRESENTS: A benefit for Gender (Free) For All!

WHEN: Friday, June 26, 2009. Door at 7, Show at 8
WHERE: In Other Words Bookstore, 8 NE Killingsworth St., Portland, OR
COST: $5-20 sliding scale, costumes encouraged

DetailsCollapse )

Please feel free to delete this post if it is in violation of this groups posting policies.
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Surveys for FTM & Partners [15 May 2009|10:14am]

Jamison Green the former President of FTMInternational is interested in the sexual health and satisfaction of all trans men, whether or not they have had hormones or surgery, and in the experiences of their partners. Two surveys are available for trans men and their partners to help with the research. He will use the data as raw material for a book, tentatively entitled "The FTM Guide to SEX," plus academic presentations and journal articles to educate medical and therapeutic service providers about trans lives.
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Know any queer rural zines? x-post (if this doesn't belong/breaks rules, sorry; tell me&I'll delete) [24 Dec 2008|02:01am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but my friend Jenna (a.k.a. trashcan_chica) needs some help:

"does anyone know of any queer zines about living in rural areas or going to rural areas?

any help/pointing in the right direction would be amazing. i went through the whole Queer Zine Archive and couldn't really find anything.

jenna b

p.s. i just got a wordpress site, sassyfrasscircus.com!"

Her (AIM) away message also says: "is looking for zines about/by members of radical queer ANTI-URBAN communities, so if you know of any..."

So please comment if you can help at all; thanks. :]


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Transphobia on Dr. Phil [09 Dec 2008|12:28pm]

It seems Dr. Phil likes to capitalize on transgender misunderstanding and hatred on his show.

"You fool me once shame on you, you fool me twice shame on me"

We must commit to no longer stand idly by as Dr. Phil continues his knack and enjoyment for stigmatizing trans folks.

More information and ways to take action here.
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Transgender Chicken Transitions Succesfully [26 Oct 2008|05:13pm]

A transgender hen succesfully transitions into a rooster!
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workshop Advice [24 Oct 2008|01:48pm]

Hey folks,

I feel like I have a lot of skills/experiences that I think can be of use to my communities, but organization is not my forte.
I've been working on designing a "Trans 101" workshop, but I also want to design a space to talk about other topics as well: environmental racism, queer art, Theatre of the Oppressed games. (I have a lot of time on my hands).
 Do you all have a" template" of sorts when you're creating something like this, or do you do something to organize your thoughts. Where do you start?
I am especially interested in interactive workshops, no droning on in front of a powerpoint.

Your suggestions, advice, inspiration, etc. are greatly appreciated!



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hey !!!! how to kill queer scum. [23 Oct 2008|11:42am]

HEY brothers and sisters,

here is the most horrible triggering upsetting crazy thing i've barfed up on line yet:


disclaimer: the following is link to my new autobiographica tr!nny bashing story. chock full swearing, anger, depressing shit, and lots of potential triggers.Collapse )
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looking to meet people [08 Oct 2008|08:40am]

I'm in college.  I've dropped out three times and still have a full scholarship.  I'm thinking about a forth.  I'm a gay, vegetarian, anarcho-pacifist.  neo-pagan, too.  I could put myself into more boxes if you'd like.

I'd like to go off the grid.  I don't want to pay taxes.  I don't want to shop at wal mart.  I've had enough of bombs and sweatshops and industrial agriculture.  there are so many days where I feel like if I were to really listen to my conscience that I'd just get up and leave, hitchhike somewhere, stop using money.  I don't know how to do much.  I write a mean research paper, which is not exactly the sort of skill I need for this.  does anybody know of someone or somewhere I could go to?  I'd love to be a gypsy for a while - or settle down with some cool people and learn permaculture and some skilled trade things like carpentry or something.  renaissance fair nerds are cool too - I'm all about learning how to make my own clothes, instruments, and stuff like that.  I know I can't be the only one out there who feels this way.  the only reason I'm not already out on the road is because I'm afraid of doing it alone, and not knowing where to go.

what's up, folks?  anybody hear me?  anybody already doing this?
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Please HELP - pass this on! [07 Oct 2008|02:07pm]

"Cyber-bullying: The Effects on Transgender Victims" is a research study about how the presence of social support relates to depression and life satisfaction levels in transgender victims of cyber-bullying.

Are you at least 18 years old?
Are you a member of the transgender community?
Have you ever been harassed on the Internet?
Do you want to help contribute to psychological research of transgendered people?

Copy/paste this link to participate in the study.


It will require no identifying information from its participants and will take approximately 25 minutes of your time.

Thank you!

The study needs a larger number of participants sooner rather than later - thanks for your time!

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Trans Conference: Decolonizing Gender and Remaking Trans Access [06 Oct 2008|09:50pm]

[stole this from queerpoc]

No idea who is central on this or how this is being organized . Just an FYI....

Sent by: CACS - Canadian Association of Cultural Studies <cacs@lists.mcgill.ca>
Date: 10/06/2008 10:12AM
Subject: [CACS] Call-Out for Trans Conference

Call-Out for Trans Conference
Bodies of Dissent:
Decolonizing Gender and Remaking Trans Access

November 6 to 8, 2008
Peterborough, Ontario

Peterborough's Trans Events Committee invites trans and gender variant communities and individuals to submit proposals for workshops, and presentations of various forms for the upcoming trans conference Bodies of Dissent: Decolonizing Gender and Remaking Trans Access (working title).

Bodies of Dissent is focused on decolonizing ourselves from the racialization and gender norms present in our society, as well as from the institutional practices of psychiatry and prison. We are calling for a rebuilding of trans access.

We are aiming to conjure discussion around experiences and issues of (but not limited to) race, health, disability, class, psychiatric institutions and prisons in relation to different trans identities.

Please send one page outlining the nature of your workshop, presentation, or creative project specifying the topic or focus, as well as any materials and/or accommodations required.

Workshops, presentations, films and creative projects will be happening during the days of the 7th and 8th. There will also be performances on the evenings of 6 to 8th. Interested performers are invited to contact us as well.

This conference is brought to you by a collaborative effort between Transmission, Trent Women's Centre, Peterborough AIDS Resource Network, Rainbow Service Organization and the Trent Queer Collective.

Deadline for submissions: Sunday, 12th October, 2008
Email: trans@trentwomenscentre.ca
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Alt trans NYC [28 Aug 2008|08:42am]


Hey there
Remaining anarchist and alt thinker and liver here! Heads up ya all! Does anyone else in NYC and wants to share tips and ideas about finding others and becoming more engaged with the community?


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